It takes about two hours to get to Denton from Waco, Texas by the way, which I did not know or I would have definitely stayed in an Airbnb closer to avoid waking up at 4 am to drive to a transfer orientation. Regardless, Waco was on my list of things to stop by on the way there. I hate to say it, but there really isn’t too much to do in Waco besides see Baylor’s campus and go to Magnolia Market. So, like the basic white girl I am, I went to Magnolia Market and you will not be disappointed. It was by far one of the cutest places I have been to in a while. Parking was a little tricky. Whenever you drive around you’ll see places advertising for parking in different lots for ten or fifteen dollars, but don’t fall for it. They want you to believe that that is the only option for parking, when in reality there is a giant free lot just around the corner. Here is a Google Earth image because I am awesome like that. Walking through the store is a must! You don’t even have to buy anything just bask in all it’s aesthetically appealing glory and you’ll be set. Joanna Gaines is truly a creative genius and had some of the most beautiful decorations so it may be a tad difficult to NOT buy anything. I unfortunately did not have the chance to go to the cafe because it was such a ridiculously long line and I wanted to have an excuse to come back here. I did, however, stop to grab an Alabama Sweet Tea. FOR EIGHT DOLLARS. I was, like, this better created by the gods. It wasn’t created by the gods, but it was definitely amazing, it was in a super cute glass mason jar, and the guy who served it looked kinda like a god- so maybe it was (wink wink). There was so many cute food trucks to enjoy, but I mistakenly ate a whole burrito bowl from Chipotle for breakfast (that sounds really sad now that I say it) so I wasn’t terribly hungry. I will update this once I manage to drag my roommate here and don’t eat Chipotle for breakfast.